Saint Kitts & Nevis

2 islands, 1 country, with about 50 000 inhabitants all together. Despite warnings about poor anchorage and rolly conditions, both islands gave us good holding and great conditions. At St Kitts we dropped anchor outside the ongoing development of the new marina in the southern part, Christophe Harbour, in Ballast Bay. Here we were pretty much alone, although there were quite a few boats in the neighboring bay, White House Bay. Staying here meant that we could use the dinghy dock at the marina, and they were really eager to help with any needs; from clearing customs and renting a car. A short walk took us to White House Bay and a nice bar called Salt Plage.

We hired a car for a day and drove around Saint Kitts. The island is full of tiny villages, and charmingly enough; at least 1 barbecue along the road in each village. There were many pretty houses, and the island seemed neat and clean. St Kitts is famous for their wild monkeys, and we were lucky enough to spot a few. They are so cute 😊

We also spent a few hours in the capital, Basse Terre, and realized that the conditions on this little island can be quite rough. Quite a contrast to the villages around the island. Basse Terre is also a popular spot for the cruise ships, but we do not think the visitors from the cruise ships necessarily see the “real” side of town, as there are separate areas with shops, cafés etc. for the cruise ship passengers (This is not the only place we noticed this happens).

Before we continued our road trip, we were tempted by one of the many street barbecues in town. The one we chose looked like a favorite among the locals too, as the queue grew longer and longer. Before we ordered our meal, we were given samples of the different meat in order for us to decide upon our favorite. That is what we call service! And this barbecue is according to Øystein a perfect “man’s meal”, as all you get is the meat of your choice with a selection of sauce. No vegetables, fries or rice on the side. Since we were tourists (and probably looked a bit lost) they took extra care of us, offering us “the best table in town”. They therefore insisted we took a seat on a bench behind the grill, even though we would sort of be in their way. And the food, of course, tasted amazing! We love these street barbecues!

At Nevis we were on a mooring right outside Charlestown, a nice spot with a beach and a couple of beach bars ashore. Also in Charlestown could you sense that life on the islands can be quite rough. Never the less, the islands are nice to visit. We also had a walk outside the town, and to our surprise we also discovered they have wild monkeys here as well 😊 

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