Sailing off the beaten path – St. Eustatius (Statia)

Statia is a little bit off the beaten path when it comes to the Caribbean islands. During our visit in April, there were only a few other sail boats here – a big change from the previous ports we visited. The islands in this area is known for swells and potentially uncomfortable anchorages, which we assume is one of the reasons for less visitors. We ourselves gave up on a planned visit to the neighboring island of Saba due to the weather conditions, as we have heard too many stories about drifting boats in tough conditions… We are glad we didn’t give up on Statia though! We found a nice spot for Tango, and the dreaded uncomfortable nights did not occur.

The little island has a fascinating history, as it in the 1700s was the trading capital of the West-Indies. The harbor was one of the busiest in the world, since the Dutch who owned the island used it as a free port. The rumor has it that the inhabitants got really rich, and tried to hide their treasures by having fake funerals, actually burying their treasures. Today you can see ruins from the 1700s, both down by the waterfront and in town.

The island is quite different than the other we have visited. Down by the waterfront there are only a few establishments, whereas everything else is located higher up on the island. We walked around a great part of the island – easily enough as it is only 5 miles long 😊 We were met by friendly and welcoming people everywhere, and we were greeted by everyone we passed. The around 3000 inhabitants, and not many visitors, allow for a peaceful atmosphere. The town overlooking the anchorage is charming with cobblestone streets and cute buildings in pastel colors. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area!

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