Fuengirola – Gibraltar – Las Palmas

Yey, we have started sailing again!

The first leg went from Fuengirola to Gibraltar, where we made a 2-night stop to wait for the right weather conditions. We already visited Gibraltar a few times at previous occasions, and to be honest; we did not have the greatest expectations for our stopover here. This visit did however leave us with a great impression of this peculiar place.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory in Southern Spain, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. It is a small area (6,7 sq km), and you can easily walk your way through the place. At our previous visits, we have parked/stayed in Spain and walked in to Gibraltar. It is quite funny, because the border to Spain is also the airport in Gibraltar. This means you might need to wait for airplanes arriving or departing before you can cross. This time, we off course arrived by Tango, and we stayed in Marina Bay – about 30 meters from the airport!

PS! If you see flashing lights when approaching the marina with a boat; WAIT!! This means there is a plane about to land or depart, as we experienced close up 😉

Even though Gibraltar is so close to Spain, it has a really British feel to it. They have their own currency, the Gibraltar Pound, and English is the official language. Gibraltar’s landmark is the 426 meter “Rock”, which towers over the city center. “The Rock” is also the home for the famous monkeys of Gibraltar, the only wild monkeys found in Europe. We went hiking up the rock, and we can definitely recommend it. Just remember, the monkeys are sadly used to being fed and will think your bags etc can contain food. We were both “attacked” 🙂 Rumor has it that if the monkeys leave Gibraltar, so will the British. As you understand, the monkeys are quite important.

Gibraltar is also known for being Tax Free, and supposedly you can make some bargains here. This time we stayed away from the shopping area, and got to experience a different side of Gibraltar. There are some really nice pubs in the outskirts of the main street and a magnificent harbor area. Great atmosphere, good food, and excellent service. Totally worth a 2 night stop over!

Currently we are in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and the sail from Gibraltar exceeded our expectations. We spent more than 5 days continuous at sea, and were quite happy to see that things worked really well with only the 2 of us onboard Tango. Even though we waited for the right weather conditions, we experienced everything from fair winds to storm. For a while we were facing 22 m/s wind and about 7 meters high waves. Anne Lise, which had no experience with rough sea, found this a bit scary at first, but as we altered the course to have the waves coming in from behind and only used the Genova as a “storm jib”, things got more comfortable. We found our sleeping bags and spent the night out in the cockpit, and it actually turned in to one of the best nights onboard so far. After this the thought of long distance sailing, with only the 2 of us onboard, no longer feel so intimidating.

Now, we have a few things on our “to do” list and a new city to explore before we head out to sea again. We have only been here for 1 day and Las Palmas looks like a promising place 🙂



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