Welcome 2017!

It’s been awhile without any updates from us here, but that does not mean that nothing has happened! Øystein, Jarle and Rolf arrived safely with Tango in Fuengirola 3rd of November. The journey from Ålesund offered a bit of everything. From strong gale in the North Sea, to calm waters during the crossing of the Bay of Biscay. The temperature varied between freezing 0 degrees in the North to comfortable 31 degrees Celsius outside the coast of Portugal. This part of the journey was mainly about getting the boat from the North to the South before the winter storms arrived. We are grateful that Jarle and Rolf could help us with this “transport” to the Mediterranean. Øystein had a good time with the boys onboard, and we hope that they enjoyed the break from their everyday life.

While Jarle and Rolf flew back to Norway after a few days in Fuengirola, it was time for Anne Lise to reunite with Tango and Øystein. So we have now been in Fuengirola more or less 2 months already! But that does not mean we have not been occupied… Anne Lise finished her Master Thesis, we had Tango out of the water for service, we went on road trips, we planned a wedding, got married (!) and spent a lot of quality time with friends and family coming over for the wedding.

The service for Tango we chose to do in the Port of Sotogrande. They welcomed us with a serviceminded and professional attitude, and had Tango out in water again in no time. Tango is now set for our adventure!

We had some beautiful days on motorbikes, where we tried out our new Klim gear. Both the clothes and the  bikes worked really well for the winter here in Spain, and we enjoyed some excellent roads, nice towns and great atmosphere. Even in winter time this part of Spain can give you great adventures, both on and off the roads.

And off course, the big event! We got married right before New Years in the beautiful Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Calahonda. We are really happy that so many of our friends and family took the time  to come over and celebrate with us in this festive season.

Our time in Fuengirola has been a great start for our adventure, but we are now eager to go sailing! The next days will be used for final preparations for our onward journey. We are soon heading for the Canary Islands. This will be our “test sail”, where we will experience and learn how it is to sail days and nights for a longer period of time, with only the 2 of us onboard. We are really excited to get going, and we hope this will give us the experiences we need in order to do an Atlantic crossing. As we already mentioned, we really hope to make it to the Caribbean 🙂





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