Ready, set – go!


It is a bit surreal, but we are now taking 6 months off from work, and most of this time will be spent travelling and experiencing new things. It is going to be AWESOME!

Many of you have seen the pictures – yes, we bought a Catamaran sailboat! It is called “Tango”, and it is B E A U T I F U L!  We sold our apartment and a lot of our belongings (not too much space on board) and Tango is now our new home. A bit surprising for some , and probably something many would not consider, but we are so happy about this. A mobile home – what could suit us better at this point?

Our adventure is now about to start. I guess in one way it has already started, and in other ways it is still ahead of us. It has already started, considering Øystein is now on his way towards Spain with Tango.  A friend, Jarle, joined him for the sailing, and my dad also met up with them in Scotland. They already experienced some pretty rough weather, so I hope they now left behind the worst and make it safely to Spain. They are crossing the Biscay Bay at this point!

Me on the other hand stayed behind for my last weeks at work before my “Holiday”.  In addition to work I have been a part time students for the last 2 years, taking a MBA, so I will use the next month to finish up my master thesis. But after that- it is time to enjoy the adventure to its full! I will fly down to meet Øystein in Spain as soon as I can, and we will stay there for a while.

The plan is that we cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean in January. But hey – nothing has been carved in stone, so we will see where we end up. The important thing is not where we go, but that we use these 6 months to widen our horizon.

Pictures and experiences will be shared at this page – I hope you will enjoy.

See you later!

Anne Lise

Tango on it’s way!





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